Dell laptop bootable problem

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I have an inspiron 510m dell laptop , the problem is :
1- it dosen't detect the usb keyboard under dos ,so the usb keyboard
work only under windows
2- it dosen't boot from any usb device(hard disk or flash).
3- it boot correctly from bootable cds , but can't boot from bootable

Re: Dell laptop bootable problem

atalla wrote:
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yep. not much you can do.


Re: Dell laptop bootable problem

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That is because you don't have a DOS USB keyboard driver loaded.

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It will only do this if the BIOS specifically supports booting from these
devices.  BIOSs vary enourmously in this regard.  My desktop BIOS supports
booting from FLASH sticks and even ZIP disks.  My laptop definitely does

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AFAIAA, the DVD consortium did not include the ability to boot from a DVD in
the specification.  However, I am aware of one or two unofficial
implementations.  Since the drive regards a DVD formatted in the CD filing
system as a very large CD, bootable DVDs can be created by this method.  DVD
drives vary in their ability to play DVDs formatted this way.

Re: Dell laptop bootable problem

Checking the BIOS for the Inspiron 510m, I show that it should be able
to boot from "USB Storage Devices" (external hard drives, memory keys,
etc.).  Booting from DVD will depend (as M.I.5 stated) on the specific
drive in your system and, more importantly, the formatting of the disk
you are trying to boot from.

There is also a USB emulation feature in the BIOS to allow USB
keyboards to work outside Windows (such as when you boot from CD).
This should be automatically enabled prior to control of the system
being passed to Windows.  If the emulation is enabled, it stays on
after Windows takes over.  If disabled, it stays on -until- Windows
takes over.  If it isn't working, you might want to try specifically
enabling the USB emulation.

If that doesn't work, try going to the Dell support website and
downloading the latest Flash BIOS update ( and
click the Downloads link).

If you have other questions with this, please let me know.

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