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I spilled half a pint of water into an inspiron 8600. Oddly it is
continuing to work but keeps throwing up error messages saying that
there is no or insufficient power to the dock. it doesnt have a dock.
it produces these messages whether plugged into the mains or not. Is
this at all likely to be fixable or to right itself with time? Is there
somewhere in Control Panel for me to explain to it it is not in a dock?

Thanks for any responses

Re: dell inspiron problem

Turn it of, drain the water as much as possible, let it sit for several
days for the water to evaporate.  You are lucky, but if it's just water,
you may get away with this incident with no damage (in most cases, the
keyboard at least is damaged). wrote:

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Re: dell inspiron problem

Don't use it until ALL the water has drained off or dried.  It can/will
short out and do damage.  Best best is to turn it upside down, or at
least on it's side, so the water can drain out.  If possible place it in
a warm room or near a window where it will get some warmth to speed the
drying process.

I've known cups of tea/coffee or cans of softdrink to be spilled on a
notebook and once they have been washed off they are usually Ok
again....rinsing with clear water removes the sugar, but as your's was a
water spill, it should be OK, provided you don't use it until it's
completely dry.

HTH? ;-) wrote:
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Re: dell inspiron problem

Remove all sources of power, including the CMOS battery until it is
completely dry. Any power will cause corrosion. If you can, remove the
keyboard or top cover. I don't own a Dell so I don't know how they're
constructed. This will allow the water to evaporate. Once it is apart,
blow it out with compressed (canned) air. You can also try a hair dryer
but don't heat it too much. After you get out as much water as you can,
keep it open and put it in a warm dry place for a day or so.

I once spilled a cup of coffe with cream and sugar in front of my PC.
It had the covers off and it got sucked right into the huge fan I had
in the front. I pulled the plug and disassembled everything. I cleaned
the motherboard and cards in the sink and just wiped the drives off.
That was about 5 years ago and I'm sending this message on what is
basically that same computer.


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