Dell Inspiron power settings issue

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I have a Dell Inspiron E1505/6400 with Windows XP Media Center Edition.
I have a strange problem with the power settings for my monitor. I have
set the monitor to turn itself off after 10 mins of inactivity when
running on AC power and 5 mins when running on batteries. However, I
have observed quite a few times that when the monitor turns off after
the specified time, it just doesn't turn back on irrespective of any
key presses or mouse activity. I am sure the CPU is up since I can hear
the music playing in the back. I can even hear widows error beeps when
I accidently click at the wrong places (becasue of course I can't see
where the mouse is!). So everything runs properly except that the
monitor just doesn't turn back on.

So far, the only solution I have found (apart from shutting down the
laptop altogether) is to put it on standby using the keyboard and then
power it back on. Of course this turns off the wireless card, which is
a pain since it breaks all open internet connections :(.

Is there anyone else who has faced such a problem before and if so, has
a solution?


Re: Dell Inspiron power settings issue

Atul wrote:
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Try hitting the power button

Re: Dell Inspiron power settings issue

Am 27.08.2006 16:14 schrieb Atul:

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I was faced with the same problem. Do you perhaps use the Kerio Personal

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Re: Dell Inspiron power settings issue

Try this..

Go to power settings and choose Monitor off as "Never" for
both AC and Battery power. Now click "save as" and save
those power settings. Next time u login, those settings will still b
intact and monitor wont turn off.

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