Dell Inspiron LCD Screen Replacement

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Hi all,

My Dell Inspiron LCD screen got cracked, and when dell quoted me $700
to fix it, I found a screen on eBay for about $200 instead (a screen of
same size, from same model laptop... a pull from another system).  I
have taken my laptop apart enough to get the new screen in, but when I
try to turn it out, the screen is a bit jumpy/choppy, if that makes
sense.  To put it another way, roughly the top half of the screen looks
fine or nearly perfect, and the bottom half or so looks much like a
video being played on a VCR with the tracking way off.

The only other thing I can point out is that the screens are not
perfectly identical, though very close.  The end of the ribbon cable
that attaches to the motherboard/video is identical, but the two
connectors on the back of the panel itself are different.

Anybody have any ideas?  

Thanks in advance,
Tim MacDonald

Re: Dell Inspiron LCD Screen Replacement

Not what you want to hear but put the screen back on eBay and find
yourself one that is identical to the broken one.

Re: Dell Inspiron LCD Screen Replacement

The screen that you got is probably either defective or (more likely, I
think) the wrong screen for your computer.

The fact that it came from the same model doesn't matter.  Laptop makers
(all of them) use different LCD screens in the same model of computer,
and they are not always interchangeable.  That means that when you go to
replace a screen, you need to replace the screen with the same model of
screen, not merely with a screen that came from the same model of
computer.  This is the case even when the external characteristics of
the LCD panels are identical, but with Dell it's worse, Dell offers the
same laptop models with explicitly different screens (different physical
dimenstions and/or different resolutions).

You needed a perfectly identical screen, which means you should have
opened the laptop first, found the screen manufacturer's screen model
number, and that is what you should have been looking for, completely
ignoring the computer make and model.

timmac wrote:

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Re: Dell Inspiron LCD Screen Replacement

Care to elaborate how your laptop screen developed the crack in the
first place??

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