Dell Inspiron e1705 - Can it do 3 displays?

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Hello everyone,

I am considering getting a Dell Inspiron e1705, and the ability to have
two external monitors is one of the criteria for my purchase.
Additionally, having the external monitors in addition to the laptop's
display would be the best case scenario.

I know that the e1705 has both a DVI and a VGA output and I was
wondering if anyone has gotten three displays to work on this
particular laptop.

The spec I am looking at has the nVidia card and I will be getting the
docking station / stand for it, in case this makes any difference (I
heard this is not possible on ATIs, might be possible with the Nvidia).


Re: Dell Inspiron e1705 - Can it do 3 displays?

I am not aware of any laptop (or desktop, for that matter) that can do 3
independent displays from a single video card.

It is very likely that the VGA monitor is just the VGA component of the
DVI-I signal, and is never independent of the DVI digital output.
However, the DVI digital output MAY allow a display independent of the
internal LCD display. wrote:

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