Dell Inspiron E1505 -Ctrl Key down results in loss of power

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I make use of the keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+c, Ctrl+c, Ctrl+r,
Ctrl+F5, etc. From the time I have been using a new Dell E1505
Inspirion laptop it has been losing power intermittently when the left
hand side Ctrl Key has been pressed along with any other combination.
There are no events written to the event log and when the laptop is
powered back on, it behaves as if nothing has gone wrong. So far the
laptop has lost power like 8 - 10 times in a month.

What could be the problem here? This happens intermittently and only
to me, cos I am the only one in the family that uses the Ctrl key
based shortcuts.

Dell support is a piece of crap and claim that their hardware is fine
and are blaming it on windows, unfortunately, its now beyond the 21
day replacement period and I am running out of patience on this
problem with dell support.

I appreciate your time in reading this post and your help if you can
point me to what would cause a laptop to lose power when a ctrl key is

 :angry:  :retard:


Re: Dell Inspiron E1505 -Ctrl Key down results in loss of power

Try obtaining a bootable Linux CD and start your system using it. Open a
command window and play around with the Ctrl-... keys to see if you can
replicate the problem. If you can, then it's definitely a hardware problem.

Another thing to try is to install a key logger so you can, after a
failure, look at what the keyboard was generating when you pressed keys.

Phil Sherman

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