Dell Inspiron E1405 LCD black screen, bulb dead

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Just to get this info out there for anyone searching for clues on this
problem.  Non working bulb, the typical solution is to get a new
inverter board or lamp.  Since the lamp is difficult to get at most go
for the board first.  However, in my case the connector to the bulb
was faulty and it started arching and heating up the area until it
melted the connector, even some of the screen glass melted, then the
connection failed.  No need to wait on getting a new bulb, just polish
up the burnt up end, use heat shrink to cover the soldered area.  No
parts needed.  The bulb replacement is a little messy, but you might
just need to take some care and dig into that area to see what is up
before assuming the inverter.

Not my laptop so I did not see the failure and prevent the melting
(wasn't a big deal).

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