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I just got a Dell Inspiron 8600 laptop.  Out of the box, I noticed that
the graphics (e.g., web page pictures, system tray icons) look bad --
the best way I can describe it is that the edges are jagged and color
transitions are not smooth.  It's an SXGA+ display and I'm using its
native resolution of 1680 x 1050, with 32-bit color (the default
out-of-the-box settings).  The fonts are very crisp and well-defined,
it's just the graphics that exhibit the problem.  What's wrong?  I'm
sure it's just a setting somewhere, but I've never encountered this
problem before...

Many thanks,

Re: Dell Inspiron 8600 Graphics

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My I-8600 graphics are fine.  Check Display Properties, Settings,
Advanced, General.

There are some DPI settings there.  The default for the 1680x1024
should be 96dpi.  Those could be affecting the images while the
ClearType setting (in Advanced Effects, below) may be keeping the
fonts in nice shape.

Other tip -- Display Properties, Advanced, Effects -- turn off the
cutesy transitions and shadows for faster video response.

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Re: Dell Inspiron 8600 Graphics

Thanks Terry, it was the DPI setting!  It was set to 120 DPI for some
reason; I set it to 96, and the graphics are fine now. :-)


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