Dell Inspiron 8200 problem

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Need advice on a Dell Inspiron 8200 portable - it is intermitentaly not
charging the battery (brand new).

it runs perfectly if plugged in - it just doesn't charge

Problem with charging circuit or what.


Re: Dell Inspiron 8200 problem

the battery could be bad or it could be the charging circuit
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Re: Dell Inspiron 8200 problem

I just had the same trouble with a second hand 8200 I got, although on
mine the charging would never take place. At least I got it cheap
because I knew it had some issues. Turns out the DC charging board was
bad. I got a replacement from for $35. I see the
boards on eBay for even less, but Parts People is reputable and it was
worth getting what I needed (besides I also bought a replacment
battery latch, one of which was missing from my laptop).

Replacement of the board is really quite simple. Dell has some docs on
their website for disassembly, but basically it's the keyboard (the
"K" screws on the bottom), remove the CD drive and batteries or floppy
drive, the display (the hinge cover pries off and there's 2 screws
holding the display in place, just lift it out, but be sure to take
note of the connector), the palm rest (the "P" screws onthe bottom),
then remove the video board, and just underneath one end of that is
the DC charging board, it's a small rectangular board. Comes out
easily. The old "installation is the reverse" holds true, just put it
back together. That fixed my battery problem perfectly.

The only other note was that BIOS will report error dates, reset it
when you first boot; and the video may be on small mode for the splash
screen...use Fn-F7 to restore it to full LCD size at the initial boot

Good luck...

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