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I have just been given a Dell Inspiron 7000 which is not loading
windows 98 properly.

The only CD I have for the laptop is the operating system; windows 98.

Everytime I try to load windows the dell keeps going into "Formatting
Hard Disk" mode.
Sometimes it gets to 45% then stops, and once it got to 96% then said
it could not finnish.

Any help would be great!


Re: Dell Inspiron 7000

moogwa wrote:
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Sounds like a bad hard drive.
I'd also check the memory.
You can down load programs to test both.
memtest86 and from the vendor of the hard drive.
The 7000 has a floppy drive, yes?
Free is a very good price...embrace the challenge ;-)

Re: Dell Inspiron 7000

Thanks Mike,
I forgot to mention that the hard drive and memory is new; I bought
them both. But I will check that out. I also had the windows working
untill I tried to instal some software and had an error. I tried to
format the hard drive and not knowing what I was doing partitioned it I
I've also tried some dos commands like c: format but they don't seem to
be working, unless I'm doing that wrong!
Any ideas?
Thanks again

mike wrote:

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Re: Dell Inspiron 7000

moogwa wrote:
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Just cause the hard drive and memory are new doesn't mean they're not
bad.  Or it could be the circuitry driving them is bad.  Or the drive
cable bad or...or...
Only way to be sure is to test 'em.
Go download the vendor test floppy (shoulda got one with the new HD) for
the HD and memtest86+.
If  your floppy works, use that...easier than burning CDs.
Google should easily find both.

If you were loading legitimate retail software, it shouldn't have caused
your problem.  If it was downloaded stuff or bootleg stuff, all bets are

You don't say which version of windows you're trying to load.
To execute a dos command you have to go find where it is and execute
from that directory...unless you've set up the path appropriately.
There are also some issues with BIG hard disks and older fdisk/format
programs.  And you can't run the dos commands on a NTFS disk from DOS.

There are also issues with the BIOS not properly recognizing big disks.
My inspiron 7500 has a 20gig drive,but I don't know where the limit is
for this model.  Check the bios to see if the drive geometry is being
reported properly.

Depending on the source of the os you're trying to load and which os,
there are issues.
A retail install disk usually works.  I've had bizarre issues with XP
system restore disks if the geometry of the new disk is different from
the drive shipped with the system.  I only have a sample of one, but
so far, 100% of my restore disks don't restore on a my different drive.

For stuff that stops in the middle, don't overlook the possibility of a
loose processor heat sink or bad fan.  Blow into the fan exhaust hole.
You should be able to make the fan turn.  That won't guarantee the fan
works, but will at least tell you it's not gummed up.

If memory serves, the 7000 shares the plug-in processor board with many
Dells of that vintage.  Some have reported fixing intermittent problems
by simply removing that board and stuffing it back in.

Are we having fun yet?

Re: Dell Inspiron 7000

Thanks alot Mike, and everyone who posted.
I had to give the dell back to the person who gave it to me to try and
fix, and he said he would take a look at it. He seems to know more
about it than me, but if he comes to a dead end then I will try all
that you people have advised!
I shall keep you all informed how things are going and in the meantime,
hope you all have a nice christmas.

mike wrote:

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Re: Dell Inspiron 7000

Just a little update and a call for help!

I have the dell back with me and somehow I managed to format the hard
drive - god knows how!!
Anyway, I have a 30gb hard drive but it's only showing a 2gb. That must
have been what I did in the dos set up :o/
Can you tell me how to get it all back to 30gb??

Thanks in advanced!


moogwa wrote:

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Re: Dell Inspiron 7000

Sounds like the hard drive is bad.

moogwa wrote:
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Re: Dell Inspiron 7000

If the hard drive is not bad maybe the install disk is or the device reading
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