Dell Inspiron 600m won't power up

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My sister gave me this laptop, but not before dropping it a number of
times. After going through dell tech support, they said that the
motherboard of the laptop was damaged, and so, i would have to shell
in 400-500 bucks to fix it. Yeah right! I disassembled the thing
according to
Service manual. but i could determine the problem. Until, i
stumbled across
this website, it describes the exact symptoms of my 600m (it's
at the top of the page, i have ALL five problems listed there). The
site says the problem is with DC Power jack on the mainboard, and
that it can be replaced without installing a new motherboard.

Sweet! I've found
[url= ] this[/url]
website, which sells the part for $50 bucks. Also,
[url= ]eBay[/url],
has 'em for even cheaper. Since i'm about 90% sure the problem is with
the DC Power Jack, i need help installing it.  I've found
[url= ]a[/url]
site that tells you how to do it, but, although it mentions my model
(600m) i'm not sure if the instructions apply to me. Anyway, i'm
wondering if there is a way to actually repair the DC Power jack
itself, or at least, find out what is wrong with it; or would i  just
be wasting my time.

Thanks a lot.

Re: Dell Inspiron 600m won't power up

I haven't had time yet to inspect the DC Power socket, but i'd like to
mention some other problems i have with this laptop. Although it
powers on with a charged battery, i have to press the power button
extremely hard for it to turn on. Is this a different problem, or is
it related to the power socket?

Also, it only boots with the second battery installed in the modular
bay, and when i go into bios, for the first battery it says "Not
installed" Does this mean the battery itself is dead? Shouldn't
it say '0-1% charged, Installed', or something similar? Is there any
way to charge the batteries without the AC Adapter, that is, without
the battery being inside the laptop?

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