Dell Inspiron 600m. Is it a good laptop?

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I'm shopping around for a new laptop, and I'm considering the
Dell Inspiron 600m.

This model comes with a Pentium M 725 (1.60GHz/400MHzFSB), 14.1 XGA
w/32 MB video card, 512MB DDR SDRAM, 40 GB hard drive, 24x CD
Burner/DVD combo drive, and an Intel PRO/Wireless 2200 Int. Wireless,
priced at $988.00.

As far as I know this model has been in the market for at least two
years, which probably means that it has been working fine for most
people who own it.

I'm going back to school to get an MBA late this month, and I'm looking
for something light (this is very important to me), but reliable to use
it during the next couple of years.

Any advice about this laptop or any other similar in price and
specifications is more that welcome.

Re: Dell Inspiron 600m. Is it a good laptop?

wolfgson wrote:

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We bought a 700m for those reasons. Ultra-light and
reasonably powerful. Seems solid. I like our 700m
because it travels easily yet does all I want.
But then, we ain't into gaming.


Re: Dell Inspiron 600m. Is it a good laptop?

I just purchased a 600m for home use.   I got the 1.8 processor  and
64mb video card.    I have had it for a month and I like it better than
the hp and toshiba that I use at work.  I bought the extra modular
battery and can bet around 6-8 hours of use between charges.  With the
options I picked my cost came to around $1200 after a $750 off coupon.

The 14.1 monitor is what I am use to at work so its right for me.   I
would recommend that you get at least the 60 gig hard drive as dell
stores all the restore files in a separate partion on the hard drive.
It takes up about 8 gigs.      I think that dell could be a little
upfront about letting customers know that.   So my 60 gig hard drive is
really a 52 gig hard drive.

Other than that I really like the dell laptops.   I have ordered
another 600m for work.


Re: Dell Inspiron 600m. Is it a good laptop?

For just about the same money you get the newest Latitude D610 with 3  
Years warranty here
Regards virtia

Re: Dell Inspiron 600m. Is it a good laptop?

Take a look.   First it has only 256k ram, only 1.6 ghz speed, only 40
gig hard drive,  and the three year warranty is send it in only.

If I add all the options I got on my inspiron 600m the total price
comes to $1,848 and even if you could find a $750 coupon, you would
still be paying over $1,100 approx.

If you want cheap then go with the the similarily equipment for only
$629.40 with the coupon I found on apex.  It has a little slower
processor than the Latitude you reference, but otherwise almost the
same, except there no extended warranty.



Re: Dell Inspiron 600m. Is it a good laptop?

I just noticed that apex has a deal on inspirons over $1,899 and a $750
off coupon.  By the time I loaded up on the features I wanted it came
out a little over $1899, with the coupon I got it for about $1150.
To date I have not seen a better deal.

Coupon code is SL3SNBZWX?JDV4


Re: Dell Inspiron 600m. Is it a good laptop?

A friend just bought a loaded 600m for just over $600 (new, directly
from Dell).  If you paid a lot more than that, you don't know how to buy
from Dell.  You have to get the "special deals" available only with
secret sale codes, and you have to be patient (in her case, the deal was
$750 off $1,500, she paid $938 but that included $300 for a 4-year
extended warranty with accidental damage protection (she's covered if
she drops the laptop)).

I helped her set it up and it's a very nice laptop.  Hers has SVGA+
resolution (1400 x 1200 I think), which is more than my 1280x1024 17"
desktop display.  It also, amazingly, still has a serial RS-232 port.

larry wrote:

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