Dell Inspiron 600m. Is it a good laptop?

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I'm considering the purchase of a new laptop, and I'm considering the
Dell Inspiron 600m.

This model comes with a Pentium M 725 (1.60GHz/400MHzFSB), 14.1 XGA
w/32 MB video card, 512MB DDR SDRAM, 40 GB hard drive, 24x CD
Burner/DVD combo drive, and an Intel PRO/Wireless 2200 Int. Wireless,
priced at $988.00.

As far as I know this model has been in the market for at least two
years, which probably means that it has been working fine for most
people who own it.

I'm going back to school to get an MBA late this month, and I'm looking
for something light (this is very important to me), but powerfull to
use it during the next couple of years.

Any advice about this laptop or any other similar in price and
specifications is more that welcome.

Re: Dell Inspiron 600m. Is it a good laptop?

It is available for a ***LOT*** less than that if you catch the right
Dell sale.  A friend just bought one, and she paid only $918 .... and
that was with huge upgrades, including 4-year on-site warranty with
accidental damage (screen breakage) protection, which was over $300 by
itself.  She also got 512 megs of memory.  Her net cost on just the
hardware was only about $600.

The key is to catch a Dell "super-deal" (my description, not an official
term), which they run often but not all the time (anywhere from monthly
to quarterly -- you may have to be patient).  In her case, it was "$750
off $1,500", and she had to keep adding options to the laptop to get
over $1,500 so she could use the $750 off coupon (in fact, with the
warranty, she went quite a bit over $1,500).

The best source of Dell "super deals" -- which sometimes last only for
hours and which are not advertised on the Dell web site -- is at  Dell has tons of deals, some are FAR better than
others.  The best are the $750 off $1,500 deals, and the Dell-designated
"outrageous" deals.  In all cases these come up with zero notice, they
are un-advertised, they are "secret" (you have to find the code and
enter it at checkout) and they can end with zero-notice, sometimes in
the middle of the day.  There really is no way, other than a few bargain
hunting sites, to find out about these.  The best site is wrote:

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Re: Dell Inspiron 600m. Is it a good laptop?

Without resorting to a "mine is bigger than yours" thing, I did get a
gig of memory as well as the extra battery.    I studied the website
and the coupon deals for a couple of months before I bought and still
do after I bought it and I still cannot put together a better deal than
what I got.   Until I can compare option for option between the one I
bought and one that was purchased for $918, I will consider mine a
deal.    If your friend was able get all the options I have for only
$918, then I certainly applaud her success!


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