Dell Inspiron 6000 - AC adapter invisible

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I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 notebook. I allready used it for 2 years,
and now I wanted to take it with me on vacation, to watch a movie on
the backseat of the car. So I used a Universal Laptop Car Adaptor with
an output of 19v for it. I connected it to my notebook, and it worked.
So I took it with me in the car. After a few hours, the battery was
empty, so I tried to connect the Car Adapter to my notebook, and I
think the - and the + output of the laptop adapter were connected
wrong, because I couldn't see it very good, so I just plugged it in.
The laptop didn't noticed the adapter, so kept running on battery. I
connected it otherwise, so the - and + otherwise, and again the laptop
didn't noticed it.

When I was on the camping, I tried to recharge the laptop battery with
my orriginal Dell notebook adapter, but the laptop also didn't noticed
this adapter. Is it possible that there is some fuse inside the
notebook wich is broken when I connected it wrong? The laptop runs
perfectly on the battery, so it can't be a big thing.

Thanks allready, Sam Vlaar

Re: Dell Inspiron 6000 - AC adapter invisible

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If you have connected the external power adapter the wrong way round (which
is what I believe you are saying), then the chances are highly likely that
the internal power circuits have sustained damage.

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