dell inspiron 5160 wirless network problem

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hi all,

i have a dell inspiron 5160 laptop.

i reinstalled windows and was not able to use the wireless network
connections as it is not available in the network connections
other words, in the view networks connections area, i only see 1394
connection and a local area conenction.

i used to see wireless network connection before. i think a proper
driver has not been installed for the hardware i have.

can anyone suggest me the driver name and where to find for

dell inspiron 5160 laptop.

i would be thankful.


Re: dell inspiron 5160 wirless network problem

mali wrote:
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I have a I5160.  Mine did not come with integrated wireless, as I
wanted to be able to upgrade the capability of the system as
improvements in the tech were made.  If yours also does not have
integrated wireless, that means you are using a removable card.  In
order for that card (or anyother) to work, you will need to install the
drivers from the CD that came with the device.  If you do not have the
CD, you can probably get the drivers from the manufacturer's website.

If you do have integrated wireless, then check your BIOS to make sure
that it is being recognized and is enabled.

If the BIOS is configured correctly, then you will want to check the
Device Manager to se if there are any problems with the device:

Win Key + Break, "Hardware" tab, "Device Manager" button.  Look for a
yellow triangle icon next to "Network Adapters" or anywhere else.  Look
around in the Device Manager and make sure that the OS is detecting
your wireless hardware.

If the integrated wireless is not present in the DM, then the next step
would be to run the "Add Hardware" applet in "Control Panel."

If all looks good in the DM, then run the Network Wizard.  That should
help you set up your wireless network.  Setting up the network is like
setting up a printer--everything could be fine with the printer, but
until you configure the system to use it, it won't work.  You need to
have the network set up before you will be able to see a network icon.



Re: dell inspiron 5160 wirless network problem

mali wrote:
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Hi Mahalingam,

I ran into a similar problem on an HP zt1130. The wireless device
showed in Device Manager, but nowhere else. It ended up that I had
turned off viewing of the wireless network. This was more than a
year and a half ago so I don't remember the specifics, but I do
recall that I had to turn on 'viewing' the wireless network.

Ciao . . . C.Joseph

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