Dell Inspiron 5100 is locked

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Hi all,

I have a problem with a Dell Inspiron 5100 belongs to a friend of mine.
  The computer seems to be locked and does not respond to anything
other than powering it off by holding the power button down for 5
When I turn it on, the power green LED turns on, the battery charging
LED is blinking, and after a few seconds, the Scroll Lock green LED
goes on as well.  The screen is dark at all times.
I tried to switch between LCD and CRT modes to eliminate but that did
not help.  The only indications I tried to get where toggeling the Num
Lock and Caps Lock on and off but they would not change states.
I then tried to reset the computer by unplugging it from the wall and
removing the battery for about 3 minutes before re-inserting it back.
That did not help.
1) Does this computer has a backup battery that prevents the reset?
2) Will I be able to hard reset the computer with a paperclip or
something similar?
3) Is there just a key combination that I am missing?
4) Does the fact that the only the SCRL LOCK light is on mean anything
(other than that scrolling is locked)?

Your help is greatly appreciated.   Thanks in advance,

Re: Dell Inspiron 5100 is locked

Anyone?  Thanks...

Re: Dell Inspiron 5100 is locked wrote:
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These kind of problems are very difficult to diagnose in usenet.  This
first step is to try booting into BIOS setup, del, esc, F2, or whatever
key combo is used.  If the laptop will not boot into BIOS setup, then
the mainboard has failed or, possibly, the CMOS battery has failed and
must be replaced.


Re: Dell Inspiron 5100 is locked

Thanks for your reply.   No keyboard combo will load the BIOS settings
for me.    I also forgot to mention that the hard drive LED never goes
on (either steady or blinking).  Is it possible that it's a "game over"
for the HD?   Are new HD's for this laptop too expensive/difficult to

Where is the CMOS battery and how can I replace it?   I am "computer
savvy" but would appreciate any expert's advice.

Thanks again,

Re: Dell Inspiron 5100 is locked

Sorry, I can't offer a solution at this time, but I'm experiencing something
similar and still trying to troubleshoot.  This odd behavior just began
happening this week for some reason.  The only two things that I've done
with this computer was installing windows xp service pack 2 and a dell
support application/notification.

it's as though the computer automatically enters into its sleep mode. If I
can find anything out I will let you know , providing that I can reboot.
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Re: Dell Inspiron 5100 is locked wrote:
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First thing I'd try is swapping out the memory.

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