Dell Inspiron 2500 CMOS Battery Location

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I am at a total loggerhead with a client's Dell Inspiron 2500 Laptop.
Somehow they have lost/forgotten the BIOS password and have requested
my services to get past it.  My first thought was that since it's an
older P3, that I could just remove the CMOS battery for a while and
perhaps that would reset all the BIOS configurations, including BIOS
password..  50/50 chance of this, but I for the life of me, cannot
find the CMOS battery!  I'm no newbie with computers, but my expertise
is not with dismantling Laptops.  I feel like I'm taking apart a
watch..  I have found the Official Dell Instructions for
Removing/Replacing components, but there is NO mention of where the
CMOS/Reserve Battery is located..

Does anyone know where this CMOS Battery is located??  Does it even
have one??

Thanks in advance for any help..


Re: Dell Inspiron 2500 CMOS Battery Location

Quoted text here. Click to load it
Go here
And put in the service tag of your machine for detailed instructions

I believe the battery is soldered to the motherboard
Mike News

Re: Dell Inspiron 2500 CMOS Battery Location

unplug your main laptop battery and ac adaptor and then hold down your
power button for about 20-30 seconds and violla instant bios reset

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