Dell Inspiron 1501 monitor problem

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Hey there,
I was having a problem with my Dell Inspiron 1501. When I turn it on
it sounds
as if its about to boot up then instead runs silently. The
monitor stays
completly off, the power on and charging lights come on
but when I press caps
lock or num lock there is no response with the
lights. To turn it off I just
press the power button again.

I was wondering if it could be a problem with the wiring, I know
laptops often
get disconnected from opening and closing then pinching
the wires. If so where
could I look to reconnect or replace those wires?
Or if there were any other
suggestions that would be great! Thanks in

Re: Dell Inspiron 1501 monitor problem


I see 5 possible causes for this issue.

RAM Memories
LCD Monitor
Video Card

In that particular order.

Step 1: Reseat the RAM Memory Modules one by one and try booting
If the issue remains remove all of them and use 1 module at a time and
sockets either to rule out a faulty ram module or a faulty

Step 2: Above the keyboard there's a panel and below it are the cables
the video card to the LCD Monitor. Try just put some weight on
the panel, This
will re-attach the video signal cable in case it's
loose. You could also try
connecting an external monitor to the laptops
vga port to see if you get an
image. Perhaps an error message pointint
us in any direction.

Step 3: If it's the video card you'll have to open up the case. This is
done by remove the bottom case of the laptop and make sure that
there's no dust
covering the fan of the video card or any other parts
for that matter.

Step 4: While you have the bottom case open you might as well make sure
that all
the wiring is attached properly.

Step 5: CPU last possible cause for a no video error could be the CPU.
Make sure
that the cooling for the CPU is attached properly.

If you need help stripping down the system Dell usually has pretty
decent guides
for this at their support page.
Let me know if these steps help.

/ Ani

Re: Dell Inspiron 1501 monitor problem

Try booting with the external monitor.

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