Dell Inspiron 1100 Hard Drive temp advice

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My Inspiron 1100 has been overheating lately. Whwn it does the laptop
shuts down and when I turn it on it tells me it shut down because of
temp issues and I have to press F1 to boot up.

I just moved and I am strapped for cash. I cannot afford one of those
laptop coolers even though they only cost $30.

Right now I hyst have two wooden coffee cup coasters on either side
about 1/2 way back to raise the laptop up about 1 inch. There is a vent
on the bottom right of the laptop. I think its the air intake. The
plastic holes on the vent were clogged with dust, I took a can of air
to it, it looks better now.

I installed DTemp 1.00 Build 32 and and Speedfan 4.24. They both are
showing the HDD temp as 122 F.

I am curious what the temp should be in Fahrenheit.

SpeedFan is not showing me any fans for my laptop. I am guessing my
BIOS doesn't have the support SpeedFan wants to let me view the fans.

Any ideas on another app that might let me see/modify Fan RPM ?

I believe my hard drive is the one shown at

Re: Dell Inspiron 1100 Hard Drive temp advice wrote:
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Take that can of air and blow into the hot air exhaust, not the air
inlet. That will blow trapped debris out of the fan inlet.  Use a paper
clip to restrain the fan from turning to prevent overspeed damage.  This
might help unless the entire cooling system is obstructed with debris.

The CPU temperature is responsible for the shutdown.  If the above
suggestion does not help, then the fan has failed, the fan and/or the
air path is completely plugged with debris, etc.  You will need to open
the case and inspect the cooling system and remove debris.  Laptop fans
typically cannot be controlled via third-party software; this would be a
temporary expedient anyway.

The HD temp is not too high, IMO.  In any event, it is the CPU temp that
is the source of the shutdowns and that should be addressed.

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