Dell D600 won't start after discharge

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Last night, computer was left on running battery until it shut itself
off.  This morning, it won't start up at all.

I've left the charger plugged in for over an hour.  I've removed the
battery and left it out for over a (different) hour.  It will not start
on either the charger plug, nor the battery with or without the charger
plugged in.

Starting symptom is that the power light (just above the insert key)
comes on for a few seconds, then goes dark.  The light on the power
button never comes on, nor is there any light displayed on the screen.
Holding the power button down for any n number of seconds does not
change the behavior.



Fixed: Re: Dell D600 won't start after discharge

On 09/26/2010 03:12 PM, JimR wrote:
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After I posted here, I found this solution on    It worked
the first time.


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Try this. Press down hard on the f7 and f8 keys while trying to turn it
on. Some if it does turn on then odds are that the solder joints on the
bios chip (which is below the f7/f8 keys) are bad. You can try to touch
it up yourself, but it is not an easy job.

As far as I can tell the d600/600m have this issue a lot.

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