Dell D600 screen went green

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I have a Dell D600 laptop that has been reliable for the year that I
have owned it.  Yesterday when I turned it on, before and during the
splash screen, everything that should have been black was bright green.
  Once the OS booted up, places on the screen that should have showed
through as black were bright green.

When I plug in an external monitor, everything is fine.  This only
happens on the built-in display.  When I checked the Dell service
manual, it appears that the video board is built into the mainboard.
I'm really hoping not to have to replace the mainboard on this puppy.

No hits on Google nor on Dell about this problem.

Anybody have any thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

Re: Dell D600 screen went green

The cable seems to have become loose. No need to change mobo for this.
In fact you can replicate this effect on your external monitor by
loosely fixing the cable to the VGA out.

JimR wrote:
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Re: Dell D600 screen went green

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I seem to have resolved this problem myself.  Here are my notes for
anybody who has this problem in the future.

I had previously re-seated the connector from the LCD display to the
mainboard.  No luck.  I wiggled the connector on the other end of the
cable that goes to the bottom of the LCD display.  No luck.  These are
the only 2 connectors mentioned in the Dell service manual.

Convinced that I had a dead LCD, I obtained a spare screen from a
colleague to swap out with mine.  Upon disassembling my unit, I took
it completely out of the upper part of the clamshell case.  When I
did, I found that there was another connector at the top of the LCD
unit.  This had a tag beside it that read something like "caution -
locking connector".  I squeezed the tabs on each side of the connector
and disconnected it. I then reseated it, making sure that the tabs
locked into place.

When I powered the computer back up, it worked!  I have recycled the
system over 20 times in 2 days since then, and no more green screen!

Warning - there are strips along 2 adjanced edges of the back of the
LCD unit that say something like "Warning - Do Not Touch".  I have no
idea why, but I'd suggest that if somebody went to a lot of trouble to
put these warnings on, you should probably heed them.

YMMV, but I am declaring victory.


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