dell D510 power adapter

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Here's a small rant, I got recently a D510 laptop from Dell... the
biggest annoyance: why why why did they do the new power cable to power
block format for the plug/socket? For those that don't know it, here's
a picture I found:

It's the most idiotic format and totally different from what was
already available. It's nothing better as far as I can see, just
rearranging the plug. And it's similar to a much older version of some
power cables, but not the same - has that middle (earth maybe?) fatter.
Already found myself three/four times stuck that I couldn't hook up to
other power cables onto my adapter.

Anyone know why Dell went for this format? (and who was the genius
behind it?)


Re: dell D510 power adapter

What's wrong with it?  It looks like the one that came with my Inspiron 700m
which works just fine.

Vancouver, USA

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Re: dell D510 power adapter

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You mean why doesn't it have an IEC power connector on the AC side, or
why does it have the round DC power connector instead of the square
one they used to have?

Re: dell D510 power adapter

Marko Djukic wrote:
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Gee, go figure. Dell engineers made a decision without consulting you
first. What is wrong with them? Don't they know the world revolves
around you?

Annoy a conservative -- Think for yourself.

Re: dell D510 power adapter

Dont try to retrofit another adapter on this machine.. It will kill it
if you
dont know how to do it.. Center pin is a 3V feed monitored in
BIOS feeding back
to the adapter.. Outside is earth or whats known as
Negative, And the inside
housing is the 19V supply. These are a
problem as far as rhe DC connector is
concerned. The pos plates get
flattened to not allow the input but they can be

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