Dell C740 Video problem

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Hi I was given (yes GIVEN!) a Dell Latitude C640 laptop. I installed
Windows XP Pro, but the video driver is wrong. It has used the
standared VGAsave driver and apparently it has a ATI Radeon 7500 AGP
card in it. I have tried installing the correct driver, but with little
sucess. If I use the VGAsave driver I can make the screen full size,
(1024 X 768) but when I move a floder it flickers. I want to use it for
doing Karaoke and discos, but if I can't get the display right I have
no chance to make money! (there it is again - the root of all evil!) I
have managed to get the Radeon driver but when I install it it goes
back to the small 800 X 600 res and when I make it larger again it just
fecks the screen up. It goes all white and as though it is burning!???
Any ideas, or should I try and get a new video card? (from where?) Hope
you can help.

Re: Dell C740 Video problem wrote:
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You might want to find a recording of that great old American Slave
spritual "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen".  The Radeon video has
most likely failed, and that is a mainboard replacement.  You might find
a replacement board or parted out computer on eBay.


Re: Dell C740 Video problem wrote:
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Get the drivers specific to that model. Do not use generic drivers.

Re: Dell C740 Video problem

DOH! Sticks finger in ear and says RED backwards! Just did a google for
c640 video drivers and got it! Looked on Dell site couple of weeks ago
and couldn' find them!  Anyway Spider is now a happy bunny! wrote:
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