Dell C600 Laptop screensize problem

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HI all- I just bought a Dell Latitude C600- how do I get the displayed
images to cover the WHOLE screen instead of just a small box in the
center? Thanks!!!

Re: Dell C600 Laptop screensize problem

Need a little more information to suggest a solution: Is displayed
images referring to your over all desktop?

Re: Dell C600 Laptop screensize problem

shook an Etch A Sketch before scribbling:
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There are a couple different solutions, depending on what you are trying to

If you want the boot screen and DOS text screens sized up, go into the BIOS
(hitting F2 or whatever key it says when you first boot the computer) and
find the option for "video expansion" or some such thing.  Turn it on.

Otherwise, right click on your desktop, select Properties, then click the
Settings tab.  Look for the "Screen area" slider, and move it all the way to
the right.  It will probably go to 1025 by 768.  Click apply to have it
resize.  This will put the screen to its native resolution, which is best.

If you just want expansion turned on so that games & such that use reduced
resolutions like 640x480 will fill the screen, stay on the Settings screen.
Push the Advanced button.  Look for a tab called "Displays" and on that tab
there should be a button for the LCD, probably called "Panel" which, when
clicked, should then give you a button that says "Scale image to panel

Re: Dell C600 Laptop screensize problem

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That's the reason I decided I couldn't use a widescreen computer.  That
'scale image'
for a 4:3 size will cause it to become a small box or reduced box in the
centre, rather
than just pillarboxed.  It is letterboxed and pillarboxed for 4:3 which I
cannot accept.
If I cannot accept it I shouldn't use a widescreen computer.
Unless there is a way to just pillarbox for say, 1024 X 768 on a screen
capable of 1280 X 800.
For 800 X 600 the 'scale image' effect is unacceptable.

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