Dell C500 brown(ish) screen

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Over the past week or so, i've noticed the screen on my Dell Latitude
C500 get browner. Presently it's not bad, more of an off-white, not
quite beige. But it used to be pure white. What I'm wondering is which
part of the screen will I need to replace if it worsens beyond

I can and have replaced whole screens on laptops, but I'm wondering if
doing the backlight might be cheaper? IF it's the real cause, of
course.  Keep in mind that I only paid $90 for the whole system, and
I'm not exactly rich.

Interestingly, the screen has gotten whiter as I've been typing this,
but there's still a brownish spot on the bottom quarter.

Re: Dell C500 brown(ish) screen

hook it up to an external monitor to check the video, if it is ok then it is
the screen on the notebook.
It could be just a loose connection.
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Re: Dell C500 brown(ish) screen wrote:
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Backlight going bad is usually described as reddish.
Gets better as it heats up.
Possibly what's goin' on with yours.

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Re: Dell C500 brown(ish) screen

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Need to have the backlight CCFL tube replaced, or a new display panel.
Tube replacement is a lot cheaper that getting a new LCD.


Re: Dell C500 brown(ish) screen

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Thank you all for your advice. I have concluded that I will need to
replace the backlight sometime soon. However, I will wait for the
condition to get more prominent before ripping apart my screen. So I
won't be able to follow up on this for  a while. Perhaps a few

I have noticed that the condition seems to be very much temperature
related, as it was very noticeable when I opened up my window and the
room dropped to around 40 degrees, but now the temp in here is mid 60s
and comfortable, and everything looks fine.

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