Dell Backlight Leakage Question (and another)...

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I just bought a Dell B130 with a 14.1 inch widescreen display.  There
is significant backlight leakage at the bottom of the screen (creeping
up about 2 inches) and the entire display is a bit washed out.  The
leakage area is a bit more washed out than the rest of the display, but
it's mainly noticeable only when the screen is dark.  Is this normal
for a budget laptop ($450) or should I return it in hopes of getting a
less leaky, less washed out display?

Also, is there a "standard" angle at which one is supposed to view the
display?  It seems that the angle that gives me the least washed out
picture is farther away from 90 degrees than feels normal.  In other
words, when I have the screen at an angle that seems right, the screen
is fairly washed out.  If I push it back a little further, the screen
looks better, but it feels awkward.  The viewing angle seems very
limited...again, is this normal?

This is my first laptop (probably obvious) and I would appreciate any


Re: Dell Backlight Leakage Question (and another)...

 From a written description, it is very hard to say whether what you
have is "normal" or not.  It's just too subjective.

As to viewing angle, today's screens have pretty wide viewing angles,
but the normal angle is from perpendicular to the screen (looking
straight at the screen) to slightly above perpendicular.  Note, I am
talking about perpendicular to the screen, not the ground (e.g. not
horizontal).  The screen will typically be tilted back 20 to 45 degrees
from vertical. wrote:
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Re: Dell Backlight Leakage Question (and another)... wrote:
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It's more likely the LCM itself that is causing your artifact at the
bottom of the screen. Heat will "wash out" the display, as will
compression. Flex the LCD back and forth as if you were opening and
closing the display, and see if the "leakage" changes or disappears.

Viewing angles are widely variable. In some cases a narrow viewing
angle is sold as a feature on a laptop, since it protects your privacy
against the guy sitting next to you.

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