Dell-Alienware RAM Compatibility

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Can anyone tell me if RAM chip can be transferred from a Dell to an
Alienware laptop?

When I purchased my Inspiron 5150 not all that long ago, I decided to
fork out a couple of hundred extra to get 1Gb on a single chip, so that
in future I would have a spare slot to stick more RAM into. Seemed like
a reasonable, if not brilliant and wise, investment at the time, but
since then my Inspiron has died of SLDS (sudden-laptop-death-syndrome).

Now Im eyeing-up the Area-51m 7700 by Alienware (please dont give out
to me, I realise this is a contentious choice), and was wondering if I
could skimp on the RAM when I order, and stick my 1Gb chip in instead.

Alienware comes with Dual Channel DDR2 PC-4200 533MHz RAM. Im not sure
what the RAM spec for the Inspiron is.

Any ideas?

Re: Dell-Alienware RAM Compatibility wrote:
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Plug the Service Tag into the Dell WWWebsite and find out what the
Inspiron uses.

Since the Alienware wants Dual-Channel, and you have a single stick,
you're proably going to have more trouble getting things to play

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