dell 9300 needs a secondary graphics adapter

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Hello everyone,

You will probably say that there is already too much help on this
subject, but none of them seems to help me.

The trouble is not being able to get output from my wife's dell
inspiron 9300 notebook to tv. The ATI Mobility X300 card driver or the
BIOS were all up to date. No problems there.

When I tried to set the output for the secondary display, I saw no
choices. Clicking on the primary displays and choosing the advanced tab
of the display adapter brought 4 options, external monitor, panel
(which is on by default) and tv and one thing more, but nothing other
than the laptop panel was enabled. Even the enable buttons were
disabled :-)

Then I found out that the device manager listed no secondary display

I thought this could be the source of trouble. I also used to have a
laptop and connected other laptops to external displays or projectors,
and every one of them gave an option of directing displays to other
devices (unlike this dell laptop) and they did list a secondary display
adapter among devices (which was always same as the primary adapter).

Does anyone know what I should do to get a secondary display working?
Any opinions are appreciated. I would be happy to follow up on this
question on other websites or forums if better ones are suggested.

For background info: Reinstalling the original X300 graphics adapter
did not help. My brother-in law (who was the original owner of the
laptop) may have accidentally removed or disabled something, but he
does not remember and he has never tried to use a secondary display
device. The laptop came from the US and we are in Turkey.

Best of luck and well wishes for everyone,
Hurol Aslan

Re: dell 9300 needs a secondary graphics adapter

In most video chip systems, TV display will be disabled unless the TV is
connected before the laptop is turned on.

It also may have to be enabled in the BIOS.

And in the display drivers and properties.

Getting this working can be a real bitch.  I've spend hours doing it

gobis wrote:
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Re: dell 9300 needs a secondary graphics adapter

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My experience too. If the BIOS or Windows can't see it, it won't show up
generally in the device manager or the video properties.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Mine gets stuck sometimes. As I will use either the video card
manufactures software or Windows (probably not a good thing to use
both). And things sometimes get confused. I can get it unstuck again,
but I never can remember what I had did. I should take notice, eh? It
seems like a different solution every time it sticks.

I believe yesterday was the first time my external monitor disappeared
from Windows video properties. That was fun getting it showing once
again. I never have to install anything during any of this. But this
time I did have to reboot to get the external monitor to show.

My BIOS has only two choices, use laptop or external. But I have S-Video
out too and I only use that after the laptop is booted up. Once
connected, it always worked by changing the settings in the Windows
display properties.  :)


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