Dell 8600 LCD Problem

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My Dell Inspiron 8600 has a problem with the LCD. Most of the time when
I start the computer I see the screen for a couple seconds. Then it
goes very dark. If you move very close to the screen you can make out
what is displayed but it is absolutely impossible to work this way. To
get the screen back I press and release the little pin that turns of
the LCD when the computer is closed. After a 6-12 trial I get the
screen back. Also interesting is that when I increase the brightness
it's less likely that the monitor comes back. The same is true if I run
the computer from the battery. Any idea what the problem could be?

Also I tried to measure the voltage on the power converter. There are
four soldering points. On no combination I can measure any voltage no
matter if the LCD is on or off. What am I doing wrong here? Finally,
when I put one probe on the soldering point labeled 1 the screen
immediately goes in the 'dark mode'. Why would that happen? The second
probe is in the air so it really shouldn't do anything.

Any input is appreciated.


Re: Dell 8600 LCD Problem

The problem is that the backlight is going out.  Three possibilities as
to the cause:

1.  Bad Inverter
2.  Bad Lamp
3.  Something -- bios or Windows -- is turning the inverter {which in
this scenario is working} off

Check all of your software settings in both the bios and in Windows.
But my guess is that it's the inverter itself.

Power Converter?  Do you mean the inverter?  Be VERY careful, the
inverter puts out 400 to 1,600 volts when it's working.  It can be
lethal, and it's unlikely that you have anything that can measure, but
it's very likely that you have test equipment that can be destroyed by it. wrote:
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Re: Dell 8600 LCD Problem

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Sounds more like a bad connection like a cold solder joint, cracked run,
etc. to me. Try pressing a plastic stick on the same point. If it still
happens, that must be it.


Re: Dell 8600 LCD Problem

Barrys right and you need an inverter.(Also on the BE CAREFUL). The
reason it dropped out is it will draw the 3.3V down with your meter
regardless and shut the circuit down. Just be sure the powers off
when you change the inverter please.. (It wont kill you, Amperage is
low but it'll snap you a bit).. How have things been here Barry? Been
a while since I regulared these parts.. (Place is a zoo here as far a
business).. Good luck all!

Re: Dell 8600 LCD Problem

My 8600 is now having same problem.  It was fine until yesterday when I
was running on battery and went to shut it down.  While it was shutting
down I closed the lid and I think it tried to also go into standby.
Whatever the case, now I boot it up and within a few seconds the screen
goes very dark.  I press-and-releas the pin and it comes on only for
about another 30 seconds.
I am wondering if you ever found a resolution to your problem?  I tried
updating the bios and ati drivers to no avail.
thank you wrote:
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Re: Dell 8600 LCD Problem

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If all else fails you could try this - I've done it with other notebooks to
cure power management problems and it has sometimes helped.

Go into Device Manager, System Devices and uninstall Microsoft
ACPI-Compliant System. Reboot, and it will reinstall that and (if I remember
rightly) numerous other system devices. You may find it takes half an hour
and is rather tedious.

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