DELL 2005FPW and IBM T42

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I just bought a Dell 2005FPW widescreen 20 inch monitor, connecting to
my IBM T42 laptop (ATI 9600 graphics card).  It looks great.  However,
when I connect via the DVI port, I am not able to adjust the
positioning via the monitor's control panel.  When I set the resolution
to 1650 x 1050 the destop goes off the screen!  I looked online and
even call the helpdesk and it seems that you can not adjust the
positioning using DVI (analog can and will auto adjust).  Is there
anyway around this?  I want to use the max resolution with DVI (analog
looks horrible compared to DVI) so I some how need to reposition the
screen and resize it.


Re: DELL 2005FPW and IBM T42

AFollow-up: Actually, it is an ATI Radeon 7500 card...if that makes a
difference.  Some one also mentioned that maybe the graphics card can
control the DVI?

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I believe this has been extensively at , you may
want to do a search there.


Re: DELL 2005FPW and IBM T42

Stavros Christoforou wrote:
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Here's what to do to overcome the crippleware drivers IBM installs on
its laptops (why-oh-why). I also use a Dell 2005 widescreen with a T42
(and that's 1680x1050, by the way) and also a Dell 2000 (1600x1200),
occasionally. No worries.

You need to install the ATI Catalyst drivers, but in order to do so, you
need to modify them slightly. Fortunately, the works been done for you
(and many thanks to the guy that did it). Check out and follow the instructions, which
are pretty straight forward. It works perfectly.


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