Dell 1520 Screen Upgrade

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I'm looking to put a higher resolution screen in my Dell 1520. It came
with a non-glare WXGA screen. Pretty unbareable.

I would like to buy a wuxga glossy off ebay and put it in, however I
keep being told that it is not compatible due to hardware issues.

Does anyone know what that means? I can't seem to get a straight

Reason I am asking is I have upgraded the resolution of an older dell
laptop that I owned with no problems.
Went from 1400x900 non-glossy to WUXGA glossy.

Upon taking apart my 1520 It seems like there are more wires running
to and from the panel lid. Some of them are the antenna. Some others I
haven't taken a look at yet. In any case there are far more wires than
my previous dell which just had antenna/screen.

My current 1520 has a Geforce 8600m GT and windows vista running on
it. There shouldn't be a problem running the higher resolution on the
8600 GT.

If anyone has any input or has preformed a screen upgrade on your 1520
please let me know!


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