Dell 1505 Laptop Choices

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I'm considering taking advantage of the 500.00 coupon which ends
tomorrow. There are lots of choices with speed of memory, hard drive

I'm thinking about going with the following:

Processor:  Core 2 Duo T5600 (1.83 GHz, 2MB L2 Cache, 667 MGHz FSB)

Memory: 2GB DDR@ SDRAM at 667 MHZ

Hard Drive:  I was going to go with the 120 GB 5400 RPM drive because
I read that the 7200 RPM ran really hot. Someone however suggested
that the 7200 RPM is significantly faster.

Oh -- and I thought I'd go with the 9 cell battery as I understand it
lasts 2 hours longer than the standard 6 cell. Since I buying a laptop
to save space rather than for its portability, I thought the extra
weight wouldn't matter.

What does everyone think? Are all the updates worth the extra money?
Should I even hold out a little longer before buying in terms of
either saving money or a better configuration. Yes, I know there is
always going to be a change but is there anything significant going to
happen in the next month?

Thank you in advance for your input.

Note: I also posted on the Dell Group but posted here as well hoping
I'd get as many quick responses as possible since I need to make a
quick decision.

Re: Dell 1505 Laptop Choices

Totally go for the extra hard drive space cause it is much faster! If
it does run too hot, you can always get a chill pad.
I would not buy the bigger battery though, because if your not worried
about portability, you could always just run off ac power

Re: Dell 1505 Laptop Choices

Dell's prices on memory and hard drive are very high; when the coupons
were for a % discount, it could make sense to use them for memory or
hard drive, but it may not make sense when they are for a fixed $$$ amount.

[For example, for what Dell charges to upgrade from the "base" hard
drive to some higher capacity or faster hard drive, you may be able to
buy the higher end hard drive outright (from Newegg or ZipZoomFly) and
keep the original drive from Dell as a "free bonus".]

So check the prices of the memory and/or hard drive upgrade you are
considering (from Newegg, ZZF or other sources) before adding it to your
order ***IF*** there are other things that you might rather get instead.

It pays to use the "gap" between $699 (base model) and $1,499 (where you
have to get to for the $500 coupon) for things that are difficult to do
or get elsewhere.  That means Video, CPU and extended warranty contracts
(if you want those).  Also, perhaps, an OS upgrade (Ultimate instead of
Home Premium .... but, again, you can get Vista Ultimate OEM outright
for $189 or so, so don't pay more than that).

Note that you can buy a 160GB 5,400rpm hard drive outright, new, with a
3 year warranty, for under $100 (Western Digital from ZZF).  A 7200rpm
drive may cost TRIPLE the cost of a same size 5400 rpm drive.  That's a
huge premium (it's not a given that the necessarily run hotter ... some
do, some don't.  Check the drive specs ... power consumption = heat

There is a lot to be said for going with the Core 2 Duo chips that have
the 4MB cache system (I think that starts in the T7200).

If you are not buying the laptop for portability, do you need a battery
AT ALL?  If you are plugged in to AC all the time at a stationary
location, the battery should be removed completely anyway and the laptop
should be connected to a small (350VA) UPS (about $30).  In that case,
buying the large capacity battery may make no sense at all.

There are some [significant] new Intel processors and chipsets coming
out soon, but that would mean waiting a few months.

Fitmiss wrote:
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Re: Dell 1505 Laptop Choices

Barry Watzman wrote:
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Yes get the minimum memory and HD from Dell and then buy from local
sources or web what you want. You can get a free trial version of the
Acronis disk program and move files from the Dell disk to the new disk.
Get a simple USB to IDE/SATA connector ($20 bucks or so).

You can sell the memory on ebay and use the Dell disk as a backup (or
sell on ebay).

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