Decent 3d performer (games too) for $1400 or less with 2gb memory (dual core)? 3dmark06 va...

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I am looking to get a new laptop.. This isnt my primary focus, but it
would be nice to get one that was under $1400, if not under $1000 and
would perform ok at say moderate graphic levels in 3d applications
(maya 8.0) and some intense games (modern ones).. by this I mean say
800x600 minimal, or 1024x768 typical.. maybe medium to high settings.

Id prefer to have a dual core cpu (say 1.6ghz to 1.83 ghz)..

These are the laptops I was looking at, but it would be nice to find
similar performing, but cheaper.

**Dell e1505 (1.83 ghz, 2gb ram, N wireless and bluetooth built in
(preferred combo), memory card reader, but no CF reader, kinda a
bummer.  (cant max out at 4gb ram, would like to have one that could
max out at 4gb, not 2gb).. geforce 7300 turbo cache.. price.. $1450 or
so.  3dmark06 value  658 (1280x800, noAA, defaults).

Comparing to my desktop which gets at least 2700 3dmarks on a geforce
7600 gt card (pci-express).

I'd also kinda like to have the ability to have 2 harddrives, but not
a requirement.. so far I found one laptop that does offer this:

**Toshiba a135-s4487  , but integrated graphics and a value of around
216 in 3dmark06.. 4gb memory capacity though, no built in N wireless,
just G.  $1299  (dual HDs)

If the unit only had G wireless, I would want to be able to use my N
PCcard that I already have.

Compal Hel80, $1400, geforce 7600 card, someone reported 3dmark 06 to
be 1649 with 2ghz processor.. this one may be best choice, but no
built in Nwireless.

Any other laptops I may not have considered with similar performance
to the Hel80 and less money?

I guess if I want true desktop power I need a dell XPS 1700 or similar
(geforce 7900gtx)..


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