dead thinkpad r32

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hi there, hope someone can help.

i've a problem with a thinkpad r32. it was given to me dead and i'm
hoping to fix it myself if it's possible.

the problem:
         when i power it on, the power lights come on, it beeps, the
fan starts spinning, it seems to check the dvd drive and the hd light
flicks on briefly but then thats it. nothing at all comes up on the

what i've tried:
         i've taken out the hd and linked it to my pc and it seems to
be ok. i've tried linking it to the monitor of my pc but that is then
also totally blank. i've swapped the ram sticks around and tried each
in each slot indivdually but still nothing. if i power it on with no
ram sticks in it beeps at me about 7 times so there does seem to be
some life in there somewhere to be able to reconise this.

if anyone has any ideas i would be glad to hear them. i've read that
other people have had simular problems but there seemed to be no
replies to them.

please help.........

Re: dead thinkpad r32

On 15 May 2005 09:55:12 -0700,  wrote:
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From my experience of buying a sick thinkpad off ebay;

IBM  have a site with schematics, etc (Google schematics Thinkpad).
Basically, the engineers handbooks. It gives the numbers for specific
faults, which is no good for you, (as your computer dies before that),
but they may help.

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