dead thinkpad battery

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I just bought a used thinkpad x23. The battery is for all intents and
purposes non existent. It shows up as 100% charged but has 0 milli amp
hours left. Is there a way to resurrect it? I have frozen it
overnight, but that has not worked....

Re: dead thinkpad battery

acprkit wrote:
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I thought this was interesting

Ask Wiki Laptop Battery Hack demonstrated via Video  Technology Blog

Re: dead thinkpad battery

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Quick answer: no.

Long answer, there are a number of shops that specialize in replacing
the cells in laptop batteries. This is generally cheaper than a new

Longer answer: replace the cells inside yourself, but that's not
amateur work, as it requires soldering on batteries (which have been
known to explode, or vent, or just plain ruined under heat). And
removing the plastics on batteries is not all that easy. Also, if you
ask any shop in town for advice on how to do this, they will tell you
you're crazy. With justification.

Best answer: just order a new battery from IBM.

Re: dead thinkpad battery

I was pleased with the service and price, and so far with the performance of
the rebuilt battery, from:


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Re: dead thinkpad battery

Val wrote:
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I've got one of those in my 600E.

If a couple of charge-discharge attempts
don't yield an improvement you are probably
wasting your time and the pennies spent on
power you pull from the wall mains.

Sounds like you've done all you can or should do.

IBM charger circuitry is pretty smart and
tries to protect the user and laptop from bad
things that can happen to batteries.

Get a new one.

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