Dead laptop?

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I have a Compaq Presario 2700 laptop.  Not sure how old it is.  It
began shutting down spontaneously.  I looked at it from an
overheating standpoint and that seemed to bring some
relief....however the problems continued.  I tried checking for
viruses, etc to no avail as the laptop would shut down before a scan
could be completed.  I tried a soft reinstall of Windows XP, but no

I began to re-install windows and it got far enough to wipe the
operating system, but then it shut down.  I can't get it to stay on
long enough to get past 3% of the installation and it will not get
all the way through a start up on the reboot disk.  

Any ideas?  Or should I be ordering flowers for the funeral?



Re: Dead laptop?

Try opening the laptop and locating the CPU then redoing the heatsink
coumpound.(you can get this from radio shack for 3-4 bux

Hope that helps
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Re: Dead laptop?

  Do you even here the fan going in the unit, should be an noticeable
sound.   Sounds like a bad processor or fan not running.


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