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Re: Dead battery?

I know with an earlier thinkpad I had,with an NIMH battery in it.. I killed
the battery by letting it stay plugged in all the time with the battery
in...  Not a smart charger in that consumer level laptop.

My T40 business class laptop, with Lithium Ion battery technology in it
doesn't charge the battery after it's full, so as long as you don't let the
fully charged battery sit in the heat, it'll be fine... If you want to
maximize the life of this battery, it's recommended that you discharge it to
60%ish and store in a cool place... but they die after a couple 3 years


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Re: Dead battery?

About 2 years ago there was a major thread here on this topic that went
on for 6 months, thousands of posts.  The evidence was overwhelming that
leaving batteries in laptops running constantly off AC destroyed
batteries.  It wasn't universal, and some models seemed to be exempt,
but I'd say that 70% to 80% of the posts from people with actual real
world experience reflected this reality.

Some people want to take a "so what" attitude for the convenience ....
ok, if it kills the battery, I'll buy a new battery.  But the fact is
that the good 8 to 16 cell lithium ion batteries are over $200.
Conversely, an APC 350VA UPS is $30.

Hey, it's your money, do whatever you want.  But I repeat that the
overwhelming experience of people who leave their batteries in laptops
that run on AC is that the battery is destroyed in 6 to 24 months, when
a properly cared for lithium ion battery can last 10 years (I have a
couple dozen 1995 and 1996 date code Toshiba PA-2487's (batteries) that
are still quite good here)(I service laptops).

Alan Adrian wrote:

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Re: Dead battery?

Theory and what the laptop makers will say to the contrary aside, there
is overwhelming real-world evidence that leaving the battery in a laptop
will destory a battery that could last a decade in 6 to 24 months.  It's
not clear if the major culprit is overcharging or heat, but it's very
clear that it's not a good idea. wrote:
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