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Hi; I've got a dead Acer 1691 - the mains adaptor has a little green
light on it, but there's no sign of life in the laptop. No charging
light; and pressing the power button results in (eventually) a sore
thumb. I'm reliably informed that before it died, it had been left
powered up for two weeks without a break.

I'd say the battery must be shot; but would that prevent it powering
up on mains alone?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions;


Re: Dead Acer

Could be the power jack with all the pushing and pulling, the solder
around the connectors is part tin and lead thus is very soft and
sometimes becomes cracked... thus no connection to the copper tracks.

But it could also be the lead just as it goes into the power jack plg,
these things are usually molded and the wires can break with all the
bending and twisting.

One simple test could be to insert the power cord  switch on, then
holding the plug firmly waggle the wires to it to see if it comes on
momentarily or not, also try waggling the plug to see if the socket has
come loose on the mobo.

An alternative is to try a different power unit, or at least try it on
another unit, this will confirm if it's being the power unit..... same
could be done with the battery, another cause is the back up battery, in
some laptops it's a large value low voltage capacitor

Other than than it's an 'opening up job' or one for the service

Have a look here you might strike oil 'Repair Guide'
( )


Re: Dead Acer wrote:

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I have this experience with my Acer laptop.
I put a book under the laptop that block the ventilation hole
and let it run over night, and it will automatic run virus check at 3:oo am.

The next morning, I found my laptop dead!!!!
Lucky it is still under warranty, sent it to service centre and got a
free replacement of the motherboard.

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