Dark Corners on Laptop TFT??

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I have noticed on a few laptops I have owned in the past that the bottom
right or left corner has a little dark area right in the corner. Just
received a new Dell Inspiron 2200 and the bottom left corner has a dark
area. Always wondered whether this is normal or a fault? Any ideas?


Re: Dark Corners on Laptop TFT??

I had to replace the lamp in an LCD panel (the old one was broken) and
the only lamp I could get was just a few mm too short.  It produces dark
corners at both top and bottom right corners (in this instance, the lamp
is mounted along the right edge of the screen; this is very unusual,
almost all LCD panels will mount the lamp along a long edge, which would
be top or bottom).

Also, these are flourescent tubes, and one of the things that happens as
they age is that the ends get dark (you can see this in any fluorescent
tube that's been in use for a couple thousand hours, the ends start to
turn black).  That will effectively do the same thing as a "too short" tube.

I don't know what to tell you, but if this is a new PC I'd consider
returning it.  It may be normal, but I would not think that it should be.

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Re: Dark Corners on Laptop TFT??

Probably uneven backlighting. Not really much you can do about that. Certain
lcd's have a certain degree of backlight leakage, which causes certain areas
of the screen to be brighter than others.
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