Customer's laptop modem stopped working one day

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Boy is this dumb.  Customer complains that his HP Pavilion N5420 laptop
modem just stopped working one day.  Sure enough, it connects fine
between 40 and 51k every time, (to two different ISPs), it gets DHCP
assignment of IP and DNS info just fine, but it will NOT talk to the
network once connected.  Ping, tracert, etc. all fail with timeout

Yet, go into Hyperterminal, dial out to a modem somewhere, and sure
enough, it works just like a modem should work.  Communicates just fine
in ascii.  It just doesn't seem to be interested in passing network
packets.  Yeah, right.

Lap is running ME (yippee!).  I've now reinstalled at least a couple of
different drivers for the on-board modem (ESS ES2828 chipset).  Have
reinstalled ME on top of the existing ME.  Have uninstalled and
reinstalled TCP/IP; have in fact completely cleaned out Network
components and reinstalled, to no avail.  Have run a couple of
different registry checkers, fixed numerous 'problems', no change.
Defaulted the bios.  Added a pcmcia network card successfully, and at
that point the lap passed packets quite happily, which would seem to
prove the tcp stack is in fact functional.  It just doesn't seem to
function on the modem.  I can't believe it.

I've seen this happen where reinstalling tcp/ip fixes the problem (on
9x systems, very common) but I've never seen a modem which seems so
willing to work, connect, talk in ascii, and yet fails in all the
net-related functions.

I'm about to add another modem to try that out; short of wiping and
reinstalling the disk, I'm coming up short on ideas here.

Any wisdom out there?  Yeah, I know, lose ME.  Customer doesn't want to
spend more money on OS though.

Re: Customer's laptop modem stopped working one day

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Hi Eno,

Ran into a similar problem with a clients computer a few months ago.
The person he bought the machine from was running a proxy server. It
could find the server it wanted to see and would not communicate
with the outside world. I uninstalled the proxy server, and
everything worked after that.

Ciao . . . C.Joseph

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Re: Customer's laptop modem stopped working one day wrote:
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Check what protocols are installed and/or bound to the dial-up adapter.
ISTR if other protocols are installed/bound to other network interfaces,
then win9x (not sure about ME) will - by default - bind temselves to the
modem and give you grief (modem trying to negotiate netbeui or IPX with
the ISP).


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Re: Customer's laptop modem stopped working one day

Nice idea... but no, there's nothing else other than tcp/ip, and no
other interfaces.  



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