Cursor disappears from laptop's screen

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Hello all,
I own the Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop, with Windows XP Pro installed.
Every time I turn on the laptop, the cursor starts to move on the
screen independently (I don't touch the mouse at all) and disappears
through one of the screen's edges. From now on I lose control on my
laptop; neither the keyboard nor the mouse are functioning. After few
minutes the cursor shows up again and the laptop is OK for a short
while (a minute or two), until the phenomenon happens again.
I made a virus check but found nothing.
I have been told that the problem is in the center mouse tip of the
keyboard. Since the tip is an integral part of the keyboard, the whole
keyboard was replaced, and every thing was OK for about one year.
Guess what, the problem is now back again.
Did anybody hear on such problem? Any clues?
Any advice will be most welcomed.


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