Cricket and Cradlepoint - The Mobile hotspot

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Ok, I'm a gadget freak.  I love it...(c;]

I signed up with Cricket and got their CalComp A600 combo modem and
flash drive (microSD slot in it).  After a test week in Charleston, SC,
it outperforms both Alltel and Verizon across the city with from 1tofull
bars in great places.  Even inside the malls it's 3-4 bars, nearly full
scale, with great penetration.  Cricket's upload bandwidth is MORE than
my cable modem cap! The A600 self-installs the Cricket handler on any
Windows box from its onboard Flashrom, no disks to scratch or
lose.....but lacks support for my Linux netbook and Nokia N800 Linux
tablets.  This problem is now solved.....
3G Store had the Cradlepoint CTR350 tiny broadband router for $99 + $7
shipping.  I looked at the battery powered Cradlepoint, but didn't like
its short runtime so I got the CTR350, intending to build my own power
pack, which I just finished, an 11000 maH Maha Powerex NiMh monster...4
D cells.  That'll run it a day or two before the overnight recharge.  I
don't like to skimp on power supplies.

It all came together in a small digital camera bag I had laying around,
unused.  I now have a long-running, self-contained, mobile wifi hotspot
for my toys.  Internet-R-Us!

Setup was simple, but the Cradlepoint is a really nice professionally-
designed router with page after page of setups and features not found on
Netgear or Linksys, unless you're into the code level dumb terminal
modes.  There's even special setups for games and gamers.

Well, after securing the passwords and deciding if you crack the WPA2
codes I'll let you have the net, too, so I don't have to put in a
password every time, myself, it's running perfectly via Cricket's A600,
which logs on faster with the Cradlepoint router than it does plugged
directly into WinXP.  All the Linux boxes now have a full mobile wifi
anywhere I go.

Suddenly my Netgear Skype phone is like a cellphone in the car...but
much cheaper to use!

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