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I just picked up a used Compaq Evo N400c with track pointer instead of touch
pad.   The mouse works ok except I noticed that the pointer would slide down
the screen by itself. I can move it but it is annoying to keeping putting
the pointer where I want it.... What can you tell me about why and how do I
fix it?  Thanks for any help... Scott

Re: creeping mouse pointer (Scott Livingston) wrote in

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Trackpoints occasionally go through a "recalibrate" process where the
cursor will wander around on its own, but this only lasts a few

Since you've gone to the trouble of posting about your problem here,
I'm assuming that yours isn't stopping.

The cursor on my IBM R51 Thinkpad started doing that and got worse
over time to the point where it would hide itself in the upper-right
corner. I could drag it back with the trackpoint button, but it would
snap right back as soon as I let it go.

I had to replace the keyboard to fix it because the trackpoint and
touchpad circuitry are embedded in it.

Since I replaced the keyboard (under warranty, fortunately), I've had
no further problems.

Bert Hyman | St. Paul, MN |

Re: creeping mouse pointer

On Sun, 22 May 2005 15:23:21 -0400, "Scott Livingston"

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I've had similar problems when using a Belkin  USB wireless keyboard
and mouse. For a while it's amusing to watch and guess where it might
wander off to next. Though as this is usually a sudden, unexpected
leap to the top left corner of the monitor screen, often taking
whatever I was doing at the time with it, the novelty soon wore off.
Eventually I saw the feature for what it was: A pain in the arse.

Mike Halmarack

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