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Recently dropped my Compaq Armada 1750. I have multiple cracks on the
screen but it still works. Some of the cracks show blackish material
that oozed out and dried.

Its been a week, but still works fine. I would like to get it to last
until I can afford a replacement.

Anyone had any experience with cracked laptop screens? Will it last
weeks/months? Also, the black stuff may be getting worse (but very
slowly). Scotch tape?

I'm just a poor college student trying to get by :) I would appreciate
hearing about any experiences with cracked laptop screens.

Re: Cracked screen

LCD = Liquid Crystal Display.  The liquid crystal solution may leak out
(or it may not).  If you get it in your eyes it may be harmful; there
may also be some toxicity if it's ingested, but I don't think it's great
(I wonder what a laptop mfgr. would say if a customer asked for an MSDS
(Material Safety Data Sheet) on the liquid crystal fluid inside their
LCD displays (technically, they may be required by law to make such a
document available).  I don't think that there is great harm in
continuing to use it, but I'd be looking to resolve it as soon as possible.

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