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How does one determine the cause of a cracked LCD panel?
I've got a 5 month old Vostro 1500, no extended warranty.

While using it I closed the top to answer the door and
when I returned it looked like a crack at a single point
resulting in 1 inch wide bands of no image below and
to the right of the crack.

I'm expecting Dell service to say user-caused damage.
But I know of nothing that should have cause this crack.
There are certainly no marks on the cover nor the glass
to suggest abuse.  Nor any torquing of the case.  It
barely moves.

I looked to see if there were reports by others of cracked
panels but saw none.  Did I overlook some thread?

What might cause such a crack if not impact?

Any suggestions for approaching Dell service to enhance
my chances of getting warranty service?

Re: cracked lcd panel

i had a problem sililar to this on my latitude laptop but a green box
appeared seeing it was a good few years old i dicided to take it apart
and wiggle the screen connections from doing this the green box
disapeered don't do this unless your warrenty is out of date thoughOn
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i had

Re: cracked lcd panel

Thermal shock can crack an LCD panel -- allowing the laptop to get too cold,
then bringing it into a warm environment.  The sudden heating & expansion
will crack panel.  That's one of the reasons for temperature limits
published by most manufacturers.   Doesn't sound like your problem, though.
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Re: cracked lcd panel

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Depending on where you lift and lower the screen, the LCD is make from
two pieces of glass. And the lid isn't that sturdy so you have to be
careful with it. Otherwise the glass will flex and can crack, like all
thin glass. The best place to raise and lower the screen is from the top
middle is my guess. From either side is probably the worst places to do

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Re: cracked lcd panel

BillW50 wrote:
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I can see that as a problem.  I would have thought that a design
consideration would be sufficient torsional rigidity for normal
use.  Closing from off-center doesn't seem to be abnormal use.

Re: cracked lcd panel

Jon LaBadie" <""jXlabadie \"@ aXcm.cXom typed on Sat, 16 Feb 2008
14:41:25 GMT:
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Yes you would think so. But I guess manufactures make them as cheap and
light as possible. As they seem to think most of us likes lighter
laptops. I am not in this camp though.

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Re: cracked lcd panel

There is a metal frame all the way around the LCD panel, and there is
more metal in the lid of the laptop itself; it's not quite as bad as
Bill's message suggested.  Still, in opening or closing the screen at a
corner, you do apply a degree of torsion (twist) to the LCD panel,
normally not enough to do damage, but in some cases it might.  This
would be more of an issue on a laptop whose hinges had also become
excessively tight.

Jon LaBadie > wrote:
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Re: cracked lcd panel

Spontaneous cracks may not be impossible, but they are so rare that they
can be considered to be non-existent.  I'm afraid you are out of luck,
either you did in fact break it yourself, or you are the unfortunate
victim of an event so rare that it is considered (by pretty much
everyone) to simply not occur at all (even if, on very rare occasions,
it does).

Jon LaBadie wrote:
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Re: cracked lcd panel


It is, in fact possible to crack your LCD by closing it from the
corner. This rarely happens with "corporate grade" laptops given their
more robust designs (and price tags). To cut costs, many manufacturers
have cut down on metal in favor of plastics which can warp, or transmit
torsional stresses.

By far the most common way to crack an LCD is to close it with
something on the palm rest. Pens are most common, followed by thumb
tacks, bent paper clips, and assorted nasties. I cracked my T42 LCD with
a pen. Good thing I'm in the parts business!

In any event, the damage will definitely not be covered by warranty, so
you're SOL


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