crack LCD display?

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I have a Gateway 1450 solo laptop.   The laptop either has a defective
backlight component or the cable is loose.  Gateway says that the
backlight component is inside of the LCD.

My question is how do you get into the LCD to replace a cable or
backlight bulb?   Gateway's technical support said that their technical
manuals do not explain how to get into the LCD.  


Re: crack LCD display? wrote:

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In the absence of documentation, you must proceed from first

Most LCD shells are held together with screws and plastic clips. The
screws are almost always on the front side (the side you look at when
the laptop is open) and almost always obscured by self-adhesive labels
or rubber caps. Once you have removed the screws, you need to disengage
fragile plastic clips around the periphery of the bezel. Often (but not
always) the best place to start is in the center at the bottom.

Re: crack LCD display?

Thanks for the info.  I'll have another look at it. wrote:
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Re: crack LCD display?

I could also just buy an new or used LCD display on ebay.   If I did
so, to replace the LCD would I just have to remove the screw that holds
the video cable in place and also the hinge screws, then simply attach
the new LCD display?    Would this work, assuming it is a backlight
problem? wrote:
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Re: crack LCD display?

The lid of a laptop can be opened without any great difficulty.  Usually
2 or 4 screws (invariably hidden, but an experienced tech knows where to
find them under labels or rubber inserts near the corners), then 1 to 2
dozen "snaps" (releasing them without damage is a learned skill of
laptop repair).

Once inside the lid, there are two major components, the backlight
inverter and the actual LCD panel.  The lamp is inside the LCD panel,
but is separately replaceable (well, almost always ....).  The
difficulty of lamp replacement varies from truly trivial to pretty much
impossible ... every panel model is different.  An exact, complete lamp
assembly is $40 to $160 from the laptop mfgr. (note that due to cable
and connector, it's laptop specific).  A generic lamp is $10 to $60
(Digi-key and Mouser carry them, among others).  If replacing with a
generic lamp, cut off the old wiring harness right at the lamp glass and
reuse it.  Both the wire (which is SILVER) and the connectors are
"special" and hard to get. wrote:

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Re: crack LCD display?

Thanks for the information Betty.

I'm thinking that it might be easier and not much more expensive, to
just buy an LCD for the Solo 1450 on ebay.

If I do that, I assume that all that is required is to remove the hinge
screws and the video cable screw, then replace?

Can you upgrade the size of the display without any significant
negative consequences?

Betty Monroe wrote:
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Re: crack LCD display?

Your words are "just buy an LCD", but when you say "remove the hinge
screws and the video cable screw, then replace", you are clearly talking
NOT about buying an LCD, but rather about buying an entire lid from a
same-model laptop.  Not the same thing.  The "LCD" is a PART that is
inside the lid.

The ease or difficulty of replacing an entire lid assembly varies
greatly.  In many cases it may be easier to open the lid and replace the
LCD than to replace the entire lid.

If you are buying new parts from "official" channels, an entire LCD is
dramatically more expensive (many times more expensive) than a
replacment lamp.  However, if you are buying a used item on E-Bay,
"anything goes", since each offering is (or may be) unique, and
sometimes you may get a complete lid assembly at a good price.  Be
warned, however, you often don't really know what you are getting until
it arrives.

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