cpu swap on a presario 1200[500xl]

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I found a presario 1200 in a computer store dumpster a few months back
with a broken lcd and no battery, I plugged it in figuring it would be
stripped/shot but much to my suprise it booted right into windows xp,
when I look up cpu info it's a celeron 766 once again I was at the
same dumpster and found a 600m inspiron which was messed
up[missingbatteryoptical,hardrive and a piece of paper on it saying
bad lcd/bad motherboard so I took it home stripped it and got a
pentium 3M 1.3ghz with the 1mb l2 and 256ram and a broadcom internal
wireless card now before I run out and spend money on the 1200 does
anyone know if you can do a direct swap into a I supose it's an intel
810-815 chipset but who knows or do I need a special centrino
board.and the battery I never had a chance to test but it wouldnt
hold a charge or even try to charge I wanted to see if there is any
known failure of this part of the internals because I noticed a
similar post regarding the battery not charging on a similar compaq
any help would be great thank's in advance matt

Re: cpu swap on a presario 1200[500xl]

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Wow! Email me where this store is at! ;)


Re: cpu swap on a presario 1200[500xl]

tiras wrote:
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Barry might respond, but my view is that the Presario 1200 series
encompassed maybe 50-60 different models with both Intel and AMD CPUs
and likely no upgrade paths for either CPU.  IMO, the 1200 series was
both good and more bad since Compaq flooded the market with them.  Good
luck finding *any* reliable information on the particular model you have
in your hands; Compaq treated the 1200 series as disposable commodity
notebooks, IMO.


Re: cpu swap on a presario 1200[500xl]

Sadly they moved the store down the street and either changed the
dumpster days or keep it inside until the truck comes [maybe because
they were losing money off all the stuff the threw out lol.anyways
these 1200 series strike me as a throw away laptop this one has the
bad lcd and no battery which makes it somewhat trash but I need a
fatser notebook as the alternative is my inspiron 3500 with a
celeron300mhz which I am sure is too old
to do any kind of swap however parts/parts laptops are cheap for this
model I am going to buy a second which is a 366 with a 20gig hardrive
vs the 6 in my current  for $80 though I could have sworn that I saw
a similar cpu-m upgrade in this forum but this was a good bit ago
anyways thanks for the input i'll keep looking into this

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