CPU models - Your opinion ?

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Comparing this Sunday's sales circulars

I find laptops that vary by ~$200  have the following processors:
Centrino M Core Duo T2050 processor
AMD Turion 64 3200+ processor
AMD Sempron 3400+ processor
AMD Turion 64 M MK-36 processor
AMD Turion 64 X2 Dual core M TL-50 processor,
AMD Turion 64 X2 M dual core TL-52 processor,
AMD Turion 64 X2 M TL-52 processor

To keep up with the cpu configurations is really getting to be a chore
for a casual buyer. For those that ARE familiar with the differences,
could you please tell me - Do I care ?  I'm not into graphical gaming -
just " ordinary use " - internet,word processing, spreadsheets. I might
like to do some movie making ( combining mpeg files / .mov files to DVD)
but that's about it for now. Looking ahead , will this be OK for a few
years or will I outgrow it due to new technology in the pipeline ? I
know that " Vista is coming" but I don't NEED it. I've been beta testing
it at home and without any new apps I could do without it.

I see that Staples has this for sale at $549.98

DV6105US Notebook Computer with 15.4-in. Widescreen. with
AMD Turion 64 3200+ processor, 512MB memory,
80GB hard drive, DVD +-RW Dual Layer DVD Writer drive

and I'm not sure if it's a good deal - or should I move up and spend a
few extra bucks now.
The 64 bit CPU - does it matter ? I find most apps do NOT have a 64 bit
version anyway.

Your opinion ?

Re: CPU models - Your opinion ?

Also checking

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Re: CPU models - Your opinion ?

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I can't advise you much on laptops/notebooks etc but I do have two
systems both running Windows XP (32 bit). Both systems have an AMD cpu
of a similar cpu speed. The only difference is one is a 64 bit chip,
and it does seem to make light work of many applications and be a lot
more powerful/faster, well it does to me anyway.

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I would never spend too much on a laptop/notebook or expect it to be
able to do as much as a regular PC for the same price.  I'd always
look for value for money when you're buying a PC whether that's a
portable one or not.

It will probably be a couple of years before more people are running
Vista than XP.

If I was buying a notebook and wanted to do the odd bit of video
editing, I would definitely go for an AMD 64 bit chip, and I would
definitely try and get one with at least 1GB memory.

I'd also be eager to know about what graphics card it comes with
because for me to get the video imported and exported out of the
notebook I would want to do it via the DV cable from my camcorder for
the best possible quality.

If I was using a video editing application on a notebook or laptop, a
small external mouse would probably be a necessity as well.

If you don't have a digital camcorder and are just combining other
video files from elsewhere to burn on DVD, then DV in/out doesn't
really matter.



Re: CPU models - Your opinion ?

The easy answer: until the Intel Core Duo AMD CPUs have left Intel in the
dust for several years.
Intel has succeeded in turning the tables on AMD for dual core/64 bit
desktop processors. However except for the slowest/least expensive Core Duo
Intel has priced these new processors at very high premium price points for
the build it yourself crowd. The absurd price of these processors is
significantly ameliorated buying systems from long time Intel vendors,
although Core Duo machines still sell for a higher than justified price.
AMD notebook systems are just not as fast or power efficient as comparable
Intel systems and this difference is even greater with core duo processors.
That being said: unless you plan to do photo or video processing or play 3-d
games the real world performance differences among comparable machines is
essentially nil. With notebooks RAM trumps modest differences in CPU
horsepower. If you want to play games then you have to additionally look for
a machine with a fast, dedicated Nividia or ATI video system.

Re: CPU models - Your opinion ?

We are still at "day zero" introductor pricing.  In the next 60 days
there is likely to be a price reduction on the Core 2 Duo chips that
will make them a lot more attractive.  And even though Intel has not cut
their prices, prices are down from what they were.  The E6600 was $365
in August, it's now down to $315.  It will probably be down to $250's by
year's end.

bmoag wrote:

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Re: CPU models - Your opinion ?


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Unless you plan to upgrade operating systems, it likely doesn't matter
a bit.  Buy for ram and hd speed.  I was in a similar situation a few
months ago when buying for my wife.  I knew the machine had an intel
low-power cpu and that's all I cared about.

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