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I've long realized that I waste a lot if time in my Lazy Boy chair watching
TV, staring into space or doing other non-productive activities, when I
could really got a lot done if I had a notebook computer in my lap when I
just cannot summon the energy or desire to go sit in front of the desktop.

I was thinking that I'd need something with a large screen as most of what I
would be doing would be VB/VBA/VB.NET programming, testing, and writing
associated documentation, usually HTML files.

Not to mention that I have serious eye problems and probably need a large
screen anyway,

I figure that if I have a notebook computer, then whilst, say, watching a
football game that might take 3 hours, even if I get only 15-30 minutes of
work done, that sure adds up.

Or, I could surf newsgroups, web sites and read email whilst watching TV.
Just getting those tasks out of the way would make me much more productive
on a desktop.

I've already got a wireless router on the desktop, so, if I am lucky, I
might be able to network from downstairs to upstairs (or just use a very
looong cable).  I use dial-up modem, and would use phone connection

What would be a good notebook for such a couch potato?

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Re: Couch potato notebook

Howard Kaikow wrote:

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Just a suggestion but try a projector and a wireless keyboard and mouse.
Cost about the same as a good laptop these days and doubles as a Hell of a
bigscreen TV if you have a tuner.

to email, dial "usenet" and validate
(was jclarke at eye bee em dot net)

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