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I have two laptops in my possession

Laptop (a) - Has Windows 2000 and 20Gb Hard drive (only 3Gb being used)

Laptop (b) - Has windows XP and 5 Gb Hard drives

I have a PC with 80Gb of spare disk space

What i would like to do is swap the hard drives over but keep operating
system with the original laptop.

So before swapping drives i need in theory:

1) copy image of drive (a) to somewhere on PC?

2) copy image of drive (b) to somewhere on PC?

3) copy image of drive (a) on PC to drive (b)

4) copy image of drive (b) on PC to drive (a)

5) to do 1 to 4 how do i connect drive (a) and (b) to PC. The laptop
hard drives do not seem to have the same kind of connectors as my PC
hard drives

6) i need some kind of software so that system files etc are copied.
Does any exist

7) Is there an easier way?



Re: copying who disk

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XXCOPY will handle  your numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4. A simple adapter will
handle number 5 (two required if you want to do all at one time....
but you could plan carefully and only do one notebook drive at a time
and only need one adapter. I bought mine on ebay, and the shipping at
about $6 was more than the cost of the adapter. Look for 2.5" to 3.5:
drive adapter or notebook hard drive adapter. There's a couple
avaialbel right now for abour $1 US but I'm sure the shipping cost
will be high. see:

XXCOPY is completely free when used for personal use.... go to and download and install it. don't worry about all the
options, you only need the "clone" option.

Say you remove your CD drive and install the 2.5 inch notebook drive
(your number 1 above) as the D drive.  make a partition or folder on
cyou C drive called "20". The command you'll use to copy the system
entirely from the 20 GB drive to your C would then be:

xxcopy d:\ c:\ /clone (there is a space between the \ and the /)

Good luck.

Charlie Hoffpauir

Re: copying who disk


To transfer data form drive to drive, checkout: /

Regards ... John

Re: copying who disk

You can get adapters that will let you connect the notebook drives to
the desktop.  The electrical signals are the same, but the connectors
are different.  The adapters are inexpensive (possibly under $5,
certainly under $10).  Try or E-Bay (or, really,
almost any computer parts vendor).  Look for 3.5" to 2.5" IDE adapter
(or just "ide adapter" to simplify the search).

The best software for this is "drive image", it will pickup the "system
stuff" as well as the normal files.  [This product was previously from
PowerQuest, which has been bought by Symantec (Norton)].

HOWEVER, with both 2000 and XP, there's a chance that the drives won't
boot when you are done and that you will have to do a "repair install".
  I'm not sure why this happens, but sometimes it does.  In MOST cases,
the repair install will retain all of your data and settings, but not
updates to the OS itself (service packs, etc.).

Of course, the image files on the desktop can be kept as backups, and
you can "explore" it and extract (drag-and-drop) individual files using
"Drive Image Explorer" that is part of the drive image package.

Also, both drives are small enough to probably be able to burn the
entire image file to a single DVD, if you have a DVD burner.

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